sexta-feira, junho 11, 2004

email do Pr. Calvin Keller, da OPC

Calvin Keller
sexta-feira, 11 de junho de 2004 22:16:56
Lea Virginia Andrade
Re: moving to middlefield

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Dear Ms Virginia Andrade,

Thank you for your inquiry about our church. We wouldlove to have you visit us and worship with us. I will look into churches that might be closer to Middlefield, however I should only be a 30 min drive from Middlefield on Sunday.

I see that you have been at our website
I will send a sample bulletin with this e-mail.

You can also find out about our church at

May the Lord bless you as you go through these changes.

In Christ,

Calvin D. Keller
Pastor - Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church
565 Shepard Ave., Hamden, CT 06514
(203) 288-8161Lea Virginia Andrade wrote:
I am a Christian from Brazil, who is considering moving to Middlefield, CT. i might have a final definition about it by next week, since there's also a chance I might go to Boston instead.
I attend a PResbyterian church here, and I am looking for a church to attend while I am there. I went for the PRebyterian church because it is the one I am familiar with, but I am ok with any church strictly commited to the Word of God.
I would like to get some info about your church. But also if you know of any other church closer to Middletown, even though it is not a PResbyterian, would you be kind enough to tell me? It seems that your church is about a 40-minute drive from where I will be living. that's an awfull long time to drive every sunday or anytime I want to be at church.
under Christi's Mercy,

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